[Marxism] Another stupid 9/11 novel

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Aug 27 11:09:22 MDT 2006

On the front page of today’s NY Times Book Review section, there’s a rave 
review of “The Emperor’s Children,” a novel by Claire Messud. One of the 
characters is “Ludovic Seeley, an Australian magazine editor who holds 
nothing sacred and plans to start a contrarian publication that will spur a 
” Another character is a wealthy New Yorker who “purports to 
believe in ‘the voice of the people’ and has never met a liberal cause he 
doesn’t like, yet is mildly repulsed by the young, troubled black client of 
his wife, Annabel, who works at a nonprofit social service agency.”

For those who keep track of reactionary literature, all this should ring a 
bell. It is the same tried-and-true themes found in Evelyn Waugh, V.S. 
Naipul or Tom Wolfe. Basically, leftists--whether liberal or radical--are 
portrayed as cynical or gullible. Their beliefs have more to do with 
following fashion than about changing society. Since Messud understands 
herself to be writing a comedy of manners, it might be expected that the 
leftists come across as fools. Whether they are life-like and interesting, 
is a different matter altogether.

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