[Marxism] Is BJP Fascist? (was Fascist Intellectuals.)

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Sun Aug 27 17:31:56 MDT 2006

I once contributed, about 3 years ago, a piece on this question to the Communist
Party of India Marxist-Leninist (Liberation) theorectical study magazine based
in Dehli. Obviously I didn't tackle this question directly, rather indirectly.

My response to this question was to lay out what I thought were the signs of a
fascist organization or program and asked the comrades there to see if the BJP
met these requirements. I even poised to them, again using the classic
definitions, if the BJP were even an Indian/Hindu adaptation to Fascism. I tend
to be very 'conservative' when it comes to labels.

Part of the reason for this, explained also in my contribution, was the
generalized disregard for scientific analysis of right-wing groups generally
and the use of th term, "Fascist", specifically. It is the closest thing to
yelling "Witch" on the left that I can think of. Leftists just want to use,
gives 'em an emotional base with which to fight the right, even though it's
rarely accurate.

The favorite, of course, is calling Bush a Fascist, when, in fact, he quite the
traditional (in the literral sense of the term) 'bougeois-democratic-liberal'.
Of course the failure on the left is that many then say that Bush has a
"Fascist foreign policy". Oh, this is my favorite, as if anyone can really
discern this foreign policy from a "non-Fascist imperialist foreign policy".

The term is used as if "proving" Bush, or any current, like the BJP, is
"Fascist" then it makes it easier to fight them. In fact, just the opposite is
true. By labeling non-Fascist right wingers as "Fascist" not only makes one
wrong, it opens the door to all sorts of nasty problems. Such as, well, if
(insert rightwinger's name) then what we need is an alliance with all
"non-Fascists" as if the issue itself was "Fascism" and not a rightwing program
and attacks on the working class, at home and abroad.

It is, very similiar, to the misue of the term "Genocide" to describe the
general use of terror against civilian populations by gov'ts.


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