[Marxism] Moderator's note

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 28 07:39:40 MDT 2006

>You closed a thread about Iran but you did not forbid any post about
>Iran in general as long as they are relevant to the list.
>Or did we miss something ?
>Jean-Christophe Helary

Oh, please, Jean-Christophe. Yoshie is not interested in "Iran in general". 
She is proselytizing for the government of Iran in general and the 
President Ahmadinejad's in particular. Furthermore, it is one thing to 
allow a presentation of heterodox views and another to be subjected to 
daily doses of same. We actually had a rather lengthy defense of closed 
borders by Louis Godena before that thread was closed.

Furthermore, Marxmail is not Hyde Park where you can set up a soap box and 
espouse any viewpoint in the name of socialism. I have editorial discretion 
in the same way that Yoshie does at MRZine. I try to operate the list 
within the broad parameters of the kind of Marxism you'll find in Socialist 
Register, MR, Science and Society, NLR and the party presses (with obvious 
exceptions made for the lunatic left.)

Beyond that, I have a responsibility to function as a kind of chairperson 
here. When you have acrimonious threads that go on ad infinitum, people 
unsub. Michael Perelman has already told PEN-L that it needed to drop the 
Iran stuff because it was forcing his subscribers to begin to unsub who 
were sick of the repetitiveness.

Finally, we all have a responsibility to come to this list without any kind 
of agenda. As so many of us are party members or ex-party members, that is 
a real challenge because we are literally trained to proselytize. I tend to 
be a bit forgiving when it comes to causes like Venezuela or Cuba, but I 
certainly am a lot less forgiving when it comes to the Islamic Republic or 
Iran which incorporates absolutely none of the values that Marx, Engels, 
Lenin, Luxemburg, Mao or Trotsky stood for. Indeed, it rose to power over 
the dead and tortured bodies of people who defended those values.



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