[Marxism] Fascist intellectuals?

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Mon Aug 28 07:58:44 MDT 2006

As far as class and cultural leaders, the Crown Prince of England, and Henry
Ford were Hitler and Nazi fans. Ford had a picture of Hitler on his office
wall, sent money to the Nazi Party, published the alleged-fake Protocols of
the Elders of Zion in the Dearborn , Michigan newspaper.

I say old chaps : the guy who was to be King of England was a Nazi fan.


Marvin Gandall

Carrol writes:

> One qualification. The Fascist movements fo the '30s drew the support
> (mostly passive) of a number of prominent bourgeois artists and
> intellectuals (including two of the greatest poets in English, Yeats &
> Pound). The aspects of fascism which attracted these supporters are, I
> suspect, aspects which will continue to have  attraction when manifested
> in other political and/or cultural currents. Hence identifying and
> studying those particular features of the fascist movements (often
> features _only_ of their propaganda rather than their actual politics)
> may be of continued interest today.
Yes, within the fascist base I described - "unorganized and unemployed
workers and artisans, small town merchants and professionals, ruined
farmers, and the native-born who saw the old economy and culture slipping
away from them" - I could have included two other important constituencies:
the genteel and racist "literary aristocrats" you allude to who were opposed
the democratization of education and culture, as well as army veterans and
other nationalists yearning to assert racial and imperial supremacy.

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