[Marxism] Re: Is BJP Fascist? (was Fascist Intell ectuals)

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 28 10:45:26 MDT 2006

David Walters wrote: “By labeling non-Fascist right wingers as "Fascist" not only makes one wrong, it opens the door to all sorts of nasty problems. Such as, well, if (insert rightwinger's name) then what we need is an alliance with all "non-Fascists" as if the issue itself was "Fascism" and not a rightwing program and attacks on the working class, at home and abroad. It is, very similiar, to the misue of the term "Genocide" to describe the general use of terror against civilian populations by gov'ts.”
Marvin Gandall wrote: “Perhaps, though from here it looked like a normal bourgeois democratic party - a business-friendly conservative one presiding over deregulation and privatization and opening up the country to foreign capital.
I don't doubt the BJP has avowed fascists within the its ranks, up to the highest levels. But doesn't a party have to be judged on what it says and does? If it hasn't declared itself a fascist party and doesn't have a fascist program and doesn't set up a fascist state when it takes power, or if, as you say, it couldn't set up a fascist state in India even if that was its intent, how does it help us to understand its political behaviour by describing it as fascist?
If conditions deteriorate, it may or may not come out under these colours, but that is another matter. Until then, shouldn't we continue to anticipate that if it were to return to power, it would continue to operate as a "normal bourgeois outfit" like the Congress Party?”
      Reply: Right in the early  50’s, when the newly independent India was trying to form its democratic institutions, the  undivided CPI had warned of the rise of fascist forces under the banner of  Hindutva.
      The communal hatred and  massacre at the time of partition of the country and the continuous fanning of  communal flames around the country were of no less magnitude in cruelty.   
      Events that happen in a poor  and backward country such as India get a very highly biased reporting in the west. But  those on the left of the political spectrum would have easily guessed the  intensity of the atrocities committed on minority Indians by the Hindutva goons  (the RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena) in Gujarat under the patronage of the BJP chief minister Narendra Modi.
      The Communists have not  raised the bogey of fascism just to get some political advantage as David  claims. It is a matter of vital importance and is critical for the unity of  this multi-cultural and multi-racial nation. Please do not draw any parallels  with the West as India with its billion population has got its own unique set of problems.  Fighting the forces of Hindutva (The RSS version of Hindu-Aryan supremacy) has  been and will continue of paramount importance for the Left in India. 
      Guru Golwalkar, the  theoretician of the RSS had advocated the formation of a Hindutva State with the inspiration of Hitler. There were many  rantings by the Hindutva brigade, but the notable among them was by the erstwhile  Prime Minister AB Vajpayee, considered to be a moderate in BJP: He had once  written an article in the official journal of RSS “Panchajanya”, that the only  solution to the problem of minorities in India lies  a) in driving out all Muslims to Pakistan and  b) eliminating them. This article was widely reported in the press and I  remember, it is on the Internet also. I do not have the URL of that. (Of course,  though photo copies of the article were published in the papers, Vajpayee had  denied writing any such article. He is a perfect liar).
      Marvin, please do not go by  what is said about BJP in the monopoly press. Simply because it was toeing a  pro-US line, it was pampered by the capitalist press in US and naturally they  had painted it in soft colors.
      I earnestly hope that BJP  will not manage to get absolute power on its own any time in the future as then  it will really unwind its fangs. I believe that the Indian people, though poor  and backward, are wise enough not to allow that.
      Vijaya Kumar Marla
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