[Marxism] SEP candidate Joe Parnarauskis demands inclusion in Illinois election debates

Jerry Wells jeremy at infowells.com
Tue Aug 29 10:13:30 MDT 2006

The Socialist Equality Party calls on all its supporters and all those
who defend democratic rights to flood the offices of the Illinois State
Board of Elections with letters of protest demanding that it place Joe
Parnarauskis on the ballot. Emails can be sent to the Illinois State
Board of Elections at webmaster at elections.state.il.us. Please send
copies of all messages to the WSWS.

The election board is required to issue its ruling at its next general
meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday, August 31 in Chicago.


FYI: Here is a copy of the email I sent 
To: Illinois State Board of Elections 

Subject: Place Joe Parnarauskios, Socialist Equality Party candidate for
Illinois Senate from the 52nd District, on the ballot! 

Please accept this urgent appeal to place Joe Parnarauskios, SEP
candidate Illinois Senate from the 52nd District, on the ballot for this
November 2006 elections.

We are living in the most dangerous of times! It is a time of multiple
crisis! Scientists have forecast that Global Warming could threaten the
existence of humanity. Futurists are alarmed that unchecked over-
population trends will result in global starvation, wars for food and
water, barbaric wars for diminishing resources (oil).

The un-ending militarism and wars of the Bush administration are
bankrupting the nation. The needs of the majority, the working people of
the United States, for universal health care, good public schools,
affordable housing, living wage jobs, etc. are being ignored.

After two national elections (2000,2004) in which the legitimacy of the
election results is a serious question, we are now facing this bi-
election in November 2006. Despite massive protest by millions of people
in numerous demonstrations in this country and worldwide, the
destruction to this planet and it's peoples grinds on without end. 

This election may be the last democratic opportunity for the people of
this country to express their concerns and register their desire for a
change in government and in leadership. The role of third parties is
essential to present the view that a better world is not only possible
but necessary.

Please restore some hope to what is left of the democratic process. 

Please place the name of Joe Parnarauskios, Socialist Equality Party
candidate for the Illinois Senate from the 52nd District, on this
November ballot.

Jeremy Wells,
Santa Monica, CA. 90403

(Naturalized U.S. citizen (1995) from England. Registered to the Green
Party of California since and voter in every election.)   

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