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Tue Aug 29 11:45:46 MDT 2006

In the encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL), which is part of the
Marxists' Internet Archive (MIA), we have just established a Trotskyism
& the Middle East Archive. check it out at

Our definition of Trotskyism here, as in other parts of ETOL, is quite
wide and we eventually intend to include not only works by people who
came/come from a broadly Trotskyist background but also works that have
been important for the development of Trotskyist analyses (e.g. the
works of a number of Palestinian theorists who strictly speaking were
never Trotskyists).

We also intend to include works that will trace the development of
particular theoreticians and groups - I personally am particularly
interested in tracing the development (degeneration ?) of the tendency
that has become the Alliance for Workers Liberty, so any early works by
John O'Mahoney/Sean Matgamna will be most welcome.

At the moment the archive consists of two sections: (1) books (most of
those we have are already available elsewhere, but we hope to add a
number of other works soon); (2) periodicals (we have indexes of all
articles on the Middle East from New International (1934-1957), Fourth
International (1940-1956), International Socialist Review (SWPUS
1956-1970), Workers' International News (1938-1949) and Labour Review
(1952-1963) - these indexes are linked to the articles taht are
available on-line. We're working on Socialist Review (1st series) and
International Socialism (1st series), but if comrades have any other
suggestions we will be happy to take them up.

We will also be including indexes of political tendencies and individual

If comrades would like to contribute any works that aren't available
on-line or to suggest articles that we don't have but are on-line
elsewhere please contact me at einde(at)marxists(dot)org.

Our definition of Middle East is as wide as our definition of Trotskyism
- broadly speaking from the Maghreb to Afghanistan and Iran and from
Turkey to Sudan, Eritrea and Yemen. In addition we will also be
including a number of studies on Islam, on the Jews and Judaism and on
religion in general as well as on Bolshevik and Comintern studies on
religion and the national question in order to provide background to
contemporary debates.

Please note that the whole effort is intended to be completely
non-sectarian - the present selection represents what was available to
me and the small number of other comrades involved in the ETOL project.
We welcome new volunteers who wish to get involved either with the
ETOL in particular or the MIA in general.

Einde O'Callaghan

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