[Marxism] Have the Lessons of Katrina Been Learned?

Bonnie Weinstein giobon at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 29 15:40:03 MDT 2006

Have the Lessons of Katrina Been Learned?
A year after Hurricane Katrina, is the federal government
prepared for another national disaster? If not, what does
it need to do to get there?

272. Bonnie Weinstein:

Basic human kindness would dictate that whatever
aid that was necessary to help people rebuild their
lives after a natural disaster would be provided
by the wealthiest nation on earth.

We have masses of unemployed­skilled
and unskilled­who could be given on-the-job
training for a massive rebuilding project anytime
there is a natural or any kind of disaster. Guided by
human cooperation and kindness, we could pledge
to improve conditions for everyone­improve protection
of the levy¹s; build stronger homes; use the opportunity
to revamp the whole infrastructure to make it a better
place for those very same people to live; and give
them good jobs; good benefits and a way to live free,
happy and productive lives in the process.

Unfortunately, this government and the wealthiest
people on earth who control it don¹t trade in human
kindness. Their bottom line is the uninterrupted
accumulation of capital and resources and, ultimately,
their continued control over their ability to accumulate
ever more wealth and power, at the expense of
everyone else.

Their philosophy is each man, woman and child for
him or her self! Survival of the fittest! The fittest
being determined by the amount of personal wealth
and power one can accumulate­even when it¹s
handed to you at birth on a golden platter­then
it is assumed that the family genes have already
proven the worthiness of their preferred position!

Simply put we have a system built on the private
accumulation of capital and the advantages it brings
to its owners, i.e., the ultimate control over the life and
death of the planet itself through control over the
most ultimate weapons of mass destruction ever devised
before­wealth brings power, power controls government
and enslaves its people. That is what governments are
for. That¹s what its armies are for. That is what our
army has and is being used for. That is what the National Guard
in New Orleans were there for­not to rescue people!
Ironically, it¹s we the people, who produce the wealth that
capital confiscates. It is we who are really the fittest to rule.

By rights of our hard labor that created this wealth,
it is we who can honestly claim it for our own­and we must
if we are to survive. Only we can ensure that this wealth
will be spent for human kindness instead of for war,
occupations, executions and death.

We, the people who produce, build, calculate, invent,
bake, design, manufacture, create, maintain, teach, do­all of us
acting together democratically and in solidarity with one
another the world over, and in the interests of all of humanity
and all life on this planet­we, the masses of people rationally,
freely and democratically planning together how to use
the vast wealth we can produce­we are the fittest force
of all to rule the world!

Socialism, freedom, democracy and human kindness
­or barbarism. The choice is up to us.

In solidarity with human kindness,
Bonnie Weinstein, San Francisco
posted on August 29th, 2006 at 4:31 pm

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