[Marxism] Another nasty bit of Jared Israel business

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 30 12:15:45 MDT 2006

Some of you might remember that Jared had somehow convinced a U. of 
Pennsylvania psychology professor named Francisco Gil-White to work with 
him on the Emperor's Clothes website. He even made the Likudite turn with 
Jared without skipping a beat. Later on, Gil-White got into some sort of 
dispute at his school for reasons too complicated to go into here except to 
state that they were related to his Zionist politics. Unbelievably, this 
was one of the few occasions in which a professor got fired for being too 
pro-Israel. I have my suspicions, however, that he got the axe mostly for 
being nutty.

Apparently, poor Francisco was not sufficiently Zionist for Jared's tastes 
and has been expelled from the Emperor's Clothes collective, such as it 
was. Here's Jared's account of the sordid affair: 



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