[Marxism] Silent women

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Wed Aug 30 13:42:18 MDT 2006

Sandra R.:

> I'm a relatively "new" Marxist who reads this list, but who doesn't
> participate, because I think I don't know enough yet. I'm female--but
> I hope that isn't the reason that I have until now been silent on this
> list.

I hope it _is_.  Women, as a rule, are more conscious of their 
responsibilities than us men, thus they are more careful not to 
become slaves of the words they utter.  The load of half the Paradise 
lies on their backs, as Mao said, and they seem to know that, so that 
it is not usual that they speak up until they are absolutely sure of 
what they want to say.  

But, oh, when they _do_ speak up!!!!!!!!!

I love those silent women who step ahead to the frontline when 
unemployment and degradation of everyday life destroy their partners 
and companions.  They use to constitute the most solid backbone of 
social organizations.  I would love to see them not only as the 
backbone but also as the leading head and brain of the march.  

I have seen them in action, I _do_ see them in action at the social 
organizations that spread like mushrooms in Argentina during the 
neoliberal age.  And yes, they are as silent as needs be.  But, 
again, they _do_ put their money where they put their words.  That 
is, they put their money where they put their world.

Welcome to this gang of egregious, reckless, unreformatted and 
unrepentant male great speakers, Sandra.  I hope we can learn a lot 
from you.

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