[Marxism] Challenge to Lenin & Trotsky experts

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 30 22:29:19 MDT 2006

From: Steve Masterson
>   I put this challenge or question on the Green-
> Left list of 900 members several days ago. Not one >
comrade could meet the challenge. 

Not "could". More "could spare the time and energy".

From: "Nestor Gorojovsky"
> (b) (Trotsky) and Lenin were _practical_ 
> revolutionaries who had to confront with the
> first steps of that long long march heralded by 
> Marx, and they most probably believed that in
> that confrontation itself lay the core to 
> Marx's belief.

This is pretty much the key to the difference, I
think. Trotsky and Lenin were more directly focussed
on actually making a revolution than Marx was most of
the time.

Incidentally, it might be worth reviewing some of
Marx's own writings on parties and revolutions and
stuff. Try "Critique of the Gotha Programme", "The
Civil War in France", "The Role of Force in History"
(by Engels, not Marx) and anything else that looks

You may find that Marx's own approach to these matters
is closer to those of Lenin and Trotsky than you

Alan Bradley

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