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Thu Aug 31 02:04:17 MDT 2006

Nick Fredman wrote:

> But one thing the Sheridan supporters might like to think about: even
> assuming *everything* Sherdian et al say about the nefarious nature of the
> leadership, the incorrect approach to women's liberation or anything else is
> true, surely you recognise that it seems from the outside very unprincipled
> and destructive to cause a big split, when it is, I understand, *weeks out
> from a conference*.

Given that the EC had previously ignored national committee votes, what would be the point of awaiting a conference resolution only to have that ignored?
Given that the UL had changed the locks on HQ, what was the basis for a working relationship?
Since several UL members had publicly declared that they could not and would not work with Sheridan, what was the basis for continuing.
If the UL sends out sectarian notices in the name of the whole party, when they were not approved by other EC members, then what are the prospects for remaining united?
Given the atmosphere of physical threats and intimidation reported by many members, and given the recent absurd stunt of burning a Wicker Tam in Lanarkshire, is there any prospect of sensible discussion?
The fact is that the UL had already turned the party apparatus into its own private property.  So, continuing until the conference would delay the inevitable, lose precious time and give the UL clique ample opportunity to fix the conference too.

Incidentally, I don't think the real difference is over women's liberation: the underlying issue is reformism: the stategy of parliamentarist respectability pursued by the UL group in denouncing Sheridan, then leaking against him to the press, then testifying against him is an artefact of an analysis that says that the divide between reformism and revolution no longer matters and which, taken to its logical conclusion, seeks change by purely electoral means.  I think the new coalition will have to have a renewed focus on grassroots street politics and unions.
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