[Marxism] New Scottish Socialist Formation

Nick Fredman srcsra at scu.edu.au
Thu Aug 31 06:22:46 MDT 2006


 > the recent absurd stunt of burning a Wicker Tam in Lanarkshire

I'm sure I'm not the only one from outside Britain who hasn't got the 
faintest idea what you mean.

 >I don't think the real difference is over women's liberation ...  [the 
UL has] an analysis that the divide between reformism and revolution no 
longer matters

As I said I'd like to reserve judgement but ... I haven't ever seen 
Sheridan differ from the other ex-SML leaders on the second point (or 
what you're referring to by it - I think it's quite a caricature of 
their views). I have seen him recently contrast a "class struggle 
party" to a "gender obsessed group" or words to that effect. I'm sorry, 
along with your unconvincing denial that the party majority couldn't 
possibly get a majority at a conference, when I haven't seen any 
complaints about the democratic functioning of the SSP until a few 
weeks ago, it's just a bit hard to see the clear political basis for 
this split. 

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