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This is World AIDS Day in Cuba as elsewhere. Young people will be
riding all around on bikes and going to public events distributing
condoms and literature about practicing safer sex. Television anchors
will be wearing red ribbons as always and this afternoon a photo
exhibit will host a special event marking the day. Here is a link to
the exhibit's poster and four of the images from it. Following this
is a note from Inter Press Service with many links to this subject.

We will also have a translation of a related Juventud Rebelde article
for readers of these messages. Love, work and knowledge are the
wellsprings of our life. They should also govern it, as Wilhelm Reich
so eloquently said. Today, safer sex is of urgent importance in our
world, where Cuba plays a leading role as it sets a positive example
from which others can learn greatly.

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews


En la Noche del Mundo: Fotos/Cuba 2002-2006
Photographs by Christine Blackburn
November-December 2006

National Center for Sex Education
Calle 10 #460 E/19 y 21
Vedado Havana, CUBA
(537) 55 3328; 55 3400; 55 3361/65


Havana, Cuba --- Cuba´s National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX)
presents En la Noche del Mundo: Fotos/Cuba 2002-2006 during the
months of November and December 2006. Taken during several trips to
Cuba between 2002 and 2006, the photographs in this exhibition
portray vignettes from the lives of lesbian, gay and transgender
Cubans through the eyes of a New York Photographer.

Christine Blackburn graduated in 2002 from the Photography and
Imaging program at New York University in New York, NY. It was during
her senior year that she first visited Cuba, but it was on her second
trip in 2003 that she discovered Havana’s vibrant gay and lesbian
community, which she has been photographing ever since. Her work has
been exhibited in numerous galleries, including a solo show for the
New York Cuban Arts Festival at the National Museum for Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual and Transgender History.

This exhibition is hosted by CENSEX in conjunction with World AIDS
Day, on December 1st, 2006. Special events will be taking place
throughout the day at CENESEX to commemorate World AIDS Day,
including a question and answer period with the photographer.

En la Noche del Mundo Christine Blackburn

Like in many countries, homosexuality has never been a frequently
discussed topic in Cuba, either officially or privately. Lesbian,
gay, and transgender Cubans are just now beginning to carve out
spaces for themselves on the streets of the island´s bigger cities,
yet their presence in Cuban culture and society at large has yet to

The images in this exhibition reflect the current social climate for
LGBT youth in Cuba. My hope is that displaying these images will
broaden the arena for public discussion which may lead to a wider
acceptance and understanding of alternative lifestyles in Cuba.

PS Health News from Around the World
For news about infant and maternal health, HIV/AIDS, environmental health threats,
malaria, sex education, emerging diseases, international assistance, and much more,
you can count on IPS. Click on the stories below for an independent look at the 
wide scope of health problems -- and policies -- affecting people around the globe.

The Virus Hunters 
     Katherine Stapp
NEW YORK - Smallpox, polio and a host of other contagious, often fatal diseases 
have been stopped in their tracks by simple vaccines. More than two decades into
the quest to untangle the secrets of the notoriously changeable HIV virus, is there
still reason for hope?
     IPS spoke with Mitchell Warren, executive director of the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy
Coalition, and Anjali Nayyar, vice president at the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
(IAVI), about the challenges research scientists around the world are currently 

Challenging the "Luxury" of Abstinence 
     Haider Rizvi
NEW YORK - While there is no indication that the George W. Bush administration is
willing to roll back its current restrictions on funding for HIV/AIDS, it may find
it difficult to maintain the status quo when Democrats take charge of the U.S. Congress
in January.

In Haiti, Gender Can Mean Life or Death 
     Amy Bracken
PORT-AU-PRINCE - For a rare dose of optimism, stop by the oldest private HIV research
centre in the world. Fight your way through the chaotic, filthy streets of downtown
Port-au-Prince, through a crowd of men, women and children awaiting care, and you'll
find Dr. Jean William Pape, smiling in a crisp white medical cloak.

KENYA: "Children Have Received a Raw Deal" 
     Joyce Mulama
NAIROBI - Which citizens is a government most accountable to? Those who voted it
into power? Or is it more the people who're too young to cast ballots -- too
short, even, to reach the table in a voting booth: the children?

Mozambican Children Carrying the Burden of HIV and Stigma 
     Ruth Ansah Ayisi
MAPUTO - Dressed in jeans and a sweater, Julia watches cautiously as her mother 
talks on her behalf. But as the interview proceeds, she gains confidence and begins
to speak for herself.

THAILAND: Stigma Mars Gains Against HIV/AIDS 
     Marwaan Macan-Markar
PHUKET - The approaching Christmas has brought a rare sparkle to the eyes of a 45-year-old
Thai mother coping with the stigma of being infected with HIV. She smiles as she
snips away with a pair of scissors, shaping paper for a decorative ball.

BURKINA FASO: The High Cost of Not Having Free ARVs 
     Tiego Tiemtoré
OUAGADOUGOU - "I think free treatment for all (HIV) infected people is indispensable,
just as safeguarding the jobs of those with HIV is a must," says Issa Kindo,
a public health physician in Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso.

EUROPE: Immigrant Women Face Growing Threat 
     Julio Godoy
PARIS - Immigrant women are becoming some of the main victims of new HIV transmissions
in several European countries, especially in France, according to official figures.

COTE D'IVOIRE: A New Approach to HIV/AIDS in the Blackboard Jungle 
     Fulgence Zamblé
ABIDJAN - Education officials in Côte d'Ivoire are revising how children are
taught about the dangers of HIV/AIDS in the West African country, this as statistics
from June 2006 show prevalence in schools to be at four percent.

More IPS News on HIV/AIDS - http://www.ipsnews.net/hivaids.asp

More Health News:

U.S.: Foe of Birth Control to Head Family Planning 
     Haider Rizvi
NEW YORK - Women's groups, health advocacy organisations and 21 members of the
U.S. Congress are strongly lobbying against the recent appointment of an anti-birth
control activist as head of the nation's family planning programme.

CUBA: Conquering Vaccines - and Their Markets
     Patricia Grogg
HAVANA - Deliberately putting human health before economic considerations, according
to local experts, Cuba has launched full-tilt into the vaccine industry to compete
on the international market with its products, some of which are unique.
http://www.ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=35680    (Subscription)

AFRICA: The Promise and Problems of Telemedicine 
     Natasha Bolognesi
CAPE TOWN - As the 11th annual conference of the International Society for Telemedicine
and eHealth drew to a close Wednesday in Cape Town, South Africa, the ability of
Africa to adopt and sustain telemedicine to improve delivery of health care in under-serviced
rural areas came under discussion.

For Good Health, Think eHealth

Will FGM Fatwa Make a Difference? 
     Emad Mekay
CAIRO - Om Samar didn't believe the news. "Muslim scholars banning (female)
circumcision? This must be a joke," she said.

Prescription Heroin Brings Ethical Dilemma 
     Am Johal
VANCOUVER - While North America's first prescription heroin trial is being described
as successful in its early stages, it is plagued with ethical questions regarding
its research design and the manner in which addicts are leaving the study.

BRAZIL: 'Inclusive' Schools - Bar Some 
     Mario Osava
RIO DE JANEIRO - A popular soap opera that portrays a mother in search of a school
that will accept her daughter as just another student has sparked a public debate
in Brazil on whether or not children with Down's syndrome should be enrolled
in standard schools.


More IPS Health News:  http://www.ipsnews.net/health.asp

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