[Marxism] Quiting Marxism, embracing what?

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Fri Dec 1 12:32:52 MST 2006

Having participated on Stan's blog for a while, I don't think I am
misrepresenting his thinking to say that he considers that Marxism has
foregrounded class as the primary contradiction of society. I think Stan
would substitute gender as the primary contradiction over class.  He finds
that Marxism suffers from fundamental patriarchalist flaws. He would say, I
think, that Marxism participates in the notion of "man vs nature" or "man
conquering nature" as a main engine of the motion of society, with the
gendered term "man" intended as such and telling.

I think he would consider himself a supporter of radical feminists,
following Catherine Mackinnon and others, and taking theoretical lead from
them. However, he has said to me that Mackinnon is a Marxist.




Carlos Petroni 
Carrol wrote:

He may mean he's renouncing marxism but this sentence doesn't say that.

What the sentence says is that he is renouncing the _current
organizational forms" of marxism -- which in my view is more
precondition for being a marxist in the u.s. today than any rejection of
marxism. Organizations as those named substitute for marxism a particular
set of opinions on contingent relations at this time.


 Yes, I can see in the text that your understanding could very well
be his... Since he is a reader of this list and he even mentioned
Louis in his latest, maybe he can clarify the issue.

I found first the interpretation you gave but then, reading further, 
it seems as if he rejects Marxism -- of what he understand
by Marxism -- alltogether.

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