[Marxism] Argentina: Watch latest Fernando Solanas film here

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 2 21:22:46 MST 2006

Fernando Solanas is one of the most famous Argentineans film director, particularly political documentaries but also commercial films. He is also talented even if I disagree with his politics -- I think he remains some kind of left Peronist.

Here is his latest documentary: 

Memorias del Saqueo

The story of Menem and Delarua sinking Argentina unto an economic hole and
being the cause of the revolutionary crisis of December, 2001.

The vieo is 2 hours long and contains background on Menem and De Larua
governments, working class struggles and full filming of the revolutionary crisis
on the streets in 2001.

Worth watching it here:


For those interested in following Argentinean and Latin American politics this is a
useful film.

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