[Marxism] Redemption

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Dec 3 08:09:33 MST 2006

>No, she doesn't go this far. I've been having this discussion with Yoshie on
>the LBO list, and trying to keep Tariq Ali's terrific satire out of mind
>while doing so:

It becomes the job of Ezra Einstein to set a new course for the world 
Trotskyist movement after the collapse of "Stalinism", and in his 
opening address to the congress, he tells a stunned audience that the 
answer is in a new orientation to organized religion. He points to 
the growth of a Church-inspired Solidarity in Poland, the largest 
working- class mobilization independent of the bureaucracy, accepting 
the leadership of the priests Wojtyla and Gemp. This is the road the 
Trotskyists should travel. Einstein spells out his plans:

"What then is to be done? The answer is obvious. We must move into 
the churches, the mosques, the synagogues, the temples, and provide 
leadership. Our training is impeccable. Within ten years I can 
predict we would have at least three or four cardinals, two 
ayatollahs, dozens of rabbis, and some of the smaller Churches like 
the Methodists in parts of Britain could be totally under our control."

After an initial shock over the proposal, the Trotskyist movement 
buys into the new approach. As you would expect the new orientation 
produces fissures almost immediately. A group that includes PISPAW's 
Jim Noble decides that a better approach would be to form a new 
religion entirely and the splitters own way.

Their new religion would be a synthesis of Freemasonry, Islam, 
Christianity, and Trotskyism as practiced by the members of PISPAW, 
the Burrowers and the Rockers. "The new creed would have its own 
places of worship, its own Holy Book, its rituals, its sacrifices and 
its evangelists. Its priests and priestesses would speak in the name 
of the Creator and accept Jesus and Mohammed as the two great ancient 
Prophets, but would challenge the legitimacy of both the Christian 
saints and Mohammed's successors. In their place the new religion, 
Chrislamasonism, would create its own hierarchy of Popular Saints 
which would include some of the great figures of history, Hegel being 
an obvious example."


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