[Marxism] Yoshie's evolution

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sun Dec 3 09:23:32 MST 2006

Ozleft wrote:
> By Bob Gould
> I'm a bit fascinated by Louis's report that Yoshie Furuhashi seems to
> have got religion. As someone who has written at length in a not
> entirely unsympathetic way about the culture of religion in the workers
> movement, I find that interesting.

For the record, Yoshie has not 'gotten religion,' she is still a
hard-nosed marxist. If she is committing any error it is in being a bit
too anxious that socialism should arrive in her own lifetime. This leads
to a certain unwillingness to accept as a given the current overwhelming
strength of u.s. imperialism and the consequent weakness of left
opposition, and that unwillingness leads (within the scope and limits of
e-list conversation) to a certain thrashing about 'searching for an

Relax, everyone.


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