[Marxism] ******'s evolution

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Dec 3 09:49:33 MST 2006

I think Yoshie's views are evolving, and am far more interested in hearing
and discussing them when they've settled somewhat.  Most of what I've heard
thus far is a lot of criticisms of things we've all criticized, though
couched in language that strikes me as far too sweeping.  Certainly, nobody
can object to saying that we need to consider religious impulses, though it
begs the question as to what we should consider them....

I hope her views will settle into a more concrete and discussable form over
the next year.  At that point, I'd be ready to give them closer attention.
Until that point, though, I've been seeing most of the exchanges (really
from the Iran discussion onward) as a lot of venting...certainly a major
potential pitfall--one of many--with trying to use email as a mode for
discussing important questions.

I don't even have too much concern about discussing the pitfalls of Marxism,
while leaving open the question of how the discussants define "Marxism."
However, I insist on an equally rigorously critical defining of other, even
greater abstractions like religion, nationalism, etc.  The lack of this kind
of across the board critical thinking is the biggest issue I've had with
these discussions thus far....

Mark L.

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