[Marxism] Quiting Marxism, embracing what?

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> >Personally I find Joaquin's and Stan's qualms about marxism and the role
> >of class reassuring. If smart folks like them are having doubts, then we
> >are getting close to the darkness before dawn.
> >
> >Jon Flanders

Walter Mosley on class, from the current issue of _The Nation_ :

Show Me the Money


[from the December 18, 2006 issue]

"The rich get richer..." This truism is irrefutable. "...and the poor get
poorer." We look away from ourselves, and our loved ones, when the latter
phrase is used to complete the saying.


Many people deny that they are the victims in the proverb because even
though the rich make money off them, too, they are also making money, being
middle class, off the working and lower classes.


So-called middle-class people look at working people and say to themselves,
"I'm not doing so bad. Look at that poor slob. He's the one getting poorer.
I'm traveling along in the wake of the rich. I don't have a mansion, but I
own a mortgage on a house."

This is what the poor Irish and Italians and Jews told themselves about
black people in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century New York.

Today people say it about the Mexican and Central and South American migrant
laborers who toil in our fields and factories. "They are the ones who live
in squalor and poverty."

What is the difference between the working class and the middle class? Is it
a clearly demarcated line dividing those who pass on wealth and those who
accrue it?

Most people I know consider themselves middle-class workers. They're making
good money, they say, and have good credit at the bank. Their children will
go to good colleges and get better jobs. They will retire in comfort and
travel to Europe (or Africa) to see the genesis of their culture.

These self-proclaimed middle-class citizens feel a certain private smugness
about their proven ability to make it in this world while those in the
working and lower classes--because of upbringing, lack of intelligence or
will, or bad luck--are merely the fuel for the wealth of the nation.

But how do you know where you fit in the class system? Is it a level of
income? Is it defined by education or the kind of job you possess? Is class
a function of your relationship to your labor? [...]

Full text: <http://www.thenation.com/doc/20061218/mosley>

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