[Marxism] Adams sets police debate conditions

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Dec 3 20:44:23 MST 2006

Not very stringent conditions, eh?

I loved this bit in the Irish Times article:
Mr Adams stated: "I am committed to calling a meeting of the Sinn Féin ard chomhairle immediately when these issues are resolved. . ."

Er, does the ard chomhairle (high committee or high council - the equivalent of a national committee in a Trotskyist group) - have to wait these days before being summoned by Gerry?  Like a feudal king summoned a parliament at his will?

All very amusing, too, when we know in advance that "Sinn Fein" (ie the Adams cabal and its sycophants atop the new, Provo version of the SDLP) will, of course, accept the Continuity RUC, otherwise known as the Police Service of Northern Ireland.  Indeed, not only will they accept it, some members of the now disarmed and likely soon to be disbanded IRA may well be incorporated into it.  Provided, of course, it has a 'mission statement' declaring itself to be 'non-sectarian'.

And sure, wasn't that what the whole struggle since 1921 has been about?  A mission statement declaring a non-sectarian northern Irish statelet and non-sectarian partition?  

We now face the spectacle of a devolved "Northern Ireland" government in which veteran arch-bigot Ian Paisley is, effectively, prime minister and long-time IRA leader Martin McGuiness (chief of staff, 1978-82, and a member of the Army Council ever since) is deputy prime minister.  And a few other SF ministers to help oversee screwing over the working class.

If Sunningdale (1974) and the 1975 ceasefire were tragedies, this new set-up has got to be the farce.  Although a nice little earner for the Adams cabal insiders.

Meanwhile, a general election is about six months away in the other corrupt little statelet on the island.  And, after it, what's the bet that Sinn Fein will be the junior partner in a coalition government there too, bedded in with Fianna Fail?

Years ago, the Provos used to call the SDLP the Stoop Down Low Party.  Today, maybe we should call SF the Sellout Fakers party.



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