[Marxism] Quiting Marxism, embracing what?

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This is a perfect excuse for perpetual failure.

It's also extremely wrongheaded. "False consciousness" (or whatever term one wishes to use for the confusion resulting from the difference between what is and what is believed) affects the ruling class as well as the working class (as well as the middle class as well as...etc...). 

The ruling class will always have greater organization, greater secrecy, greater means of infiltration, greater resources, greater legal protections (duh) and a host of other advantages at their disposal. This was true in 1917, just as it is today. 

Our side will always have disadvantages until a revolution. And then we will only have the advantages of economic power and numerical power. The ruling class will continue to have sorts of other advantages. 

I'm not one to quote Trotsky or any of the other famous Marxists as "authorities," but the complaint that McCarthyism was a stroke of ruling class genius that could not be countered sound amazingly similar to the Spanish anarchists complaining that circumstances were "exceptional" during the Spanish Revolution. It's like complaining that your raincoat keeps you perfectly dry, except when it rains.

McCarthyism is not even remotely the worst thing radicals have faced in the history of capitalism, and we in the US are likely to face worse in the future. 
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When the ruling class consciously, precisely and skillfully uses its 
> overwhelming political and military/police advantages to destroy the 
> Communist Party and class conscious labor movement, in "McCarthyism", there 
> is not necessarily anything that Marxists can do to prevent that. And the 
> resulting political condition of the country for decades after that may be 
> an objective condition that makes anything but failure impossible. 
> Just as a simple specific. Marxism's plans and strategies were out there for 
> the bourgeoisie and their intellectuals to learn just as much as it was 
> there for Marxists. [snip] They 
> had a tremendous advantage over Marxists in shaping the consciousnesses and 
> lives of the U.S. working masses. 
> So, Marxism may have been understood perfectly, applied concretely and not 
> dogmatically, and practiced as perfectly as possible in the circumstances, 
> but failure may have been certain, because the bourgeoisie used its extreme 
> advantage perfectly. 
> C'est la vie. 

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