[Marxism] Chavez Landslide May Speed Venezuela Changes (WSJ)

Jeffrey Thomas Piercy, El Pato Comunista mqduck at sonic.net
Mon Dec 4 14:11:19 MST 2006

> It was unclear whether
> Mr. Rosales, who took a leave of absence as governor of Zulia,
> Venezuela's second-most-important state, to run for the presidency,
> would try to mount a national opposition movement to Mr. Chávez or
> return to Zulia, where he retains a regional power base.

Oh yeah? According to this article, Chavez even won in Zulia:

The article itself is a bit interesting and rather pathetic. It's titled 
  "RPT-ANALYSIS-Venezuela's anti-Chavez opposition wins by losing" and 
is worth a glance.


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