[Marxism] Rumsfeld is Gone: Time to Bring All the Troops Home from Iraq Now!

sshingav at OCF.Berkeley.EDU sshingav at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Dec 4 17:30:56 MST 2006

Rumsfeld is Gone:  Time to Bring All the Troops Home from Iraq Now!

We, the undersigned, are asking you to attend an urgent organizing meeting
to discuss the potential of planning an anti-war demonstration on January
27 in San Francisco.  On that day, hundreds of thousands of people will
march outside Congress and the White House in Washington, D.C. to demand
an end to the war in Iraq.  The Bay Area's voice must be heard in
solidarity.  Some of us voted for the Democrats, some voted for the Greens
or Peace and Freedom parties, some didn't vote at all, but we all agree
that we cannot put our faith in the politicians to bring our troops home
now.  We owe it to the Iraqi people and to the American troops in Iraq to
rebuild the anti-war movement, and to do it now.

One of the biggest obstacles facing the anti-war movement was the sense
that Bush was invincible and that protesting didn't matter.  In San
Francisco, hundreds of thousands of people marched on February 16, 2003 to
try to prevent the war.  Most of them are more opposed to the occupation
now than they were back then, but most of their opposition has been
passive.  It's time to appeal to them to come back to the streets.  We
have to take advantage of the new expectations and the new hope that
millions are drawing from watching Rumsfeld pack his bags and see Bush get
a "thumping," as he put it.

We do not have to agree on everything.  This organizing meeting will be
open to everyone who agrees that:  Rumsfeld is Gone:  Time to Bring the
Troops Home from Iraq Now!  Other demands, such as End the Occupation in
Afghanistan, Free Palestine/End Aid to Israel, No Sanctions against Iran,
Defend Arab and Muslims from Racist Attacks, US Out of the Middle East and
others can be discussed and decided upon by the group as a whole at the

Please spread the word far and wide and attend this important meeting. 
Bring your friends and family.  You don't have to have experience to
participate.  You don't have to live in San Francisco.  You don't have to
know everything about the Middle East!  You just have to want to end the
war and do something about it.  The meeting will be:

Saturday, December 9, 2pm
San Francisco
Location TBA


Alexander Van Dempsey, treasurer, Students Against War*, SFSU
Carlos Villareal, Executive Director, San Francisco National Lawyers Guild*
Chris Daly, City Supervisor, San Francisco
Debra Reiger, state chair, Peace and Freedom Party
Husam Zakharia, Students for Justice in Palestine*, UC Berkeley chapter
Jennifer Mogannam, General Union of Palestine Students*, SFSU chapter
Krissy Keefer, San Francisco Dance Brigade*
Kristin Anderson, Campus Anti-War Network*, National Coordinating
Committee member
Marsha Feinland, Peace and Freedom Party
Nancy Mancias, Code Pink* and Global Exchange*
Pamela Stephens, Berkeley Stop the War Coalition*, UC Berkeley
Ramsey El-Quare, General Union of Palestine Students*, SFSU chapter
Renee Saucedo, San Francisco Day Laborers' Program*, Director
Snehal Shingavi, International Socialist Organization*
Veena Dubal, Alliance of South Asians Taking Action*

*All organizations are for ID purposes only

To add your name or organization to this invitation letter or let us know
you're coming, please email snehal100 at hotmail.com or call 510-484-5242.

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