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No doubt you wanted to lure me into a discussion. I can say this much.

The condition that Gerry Adams expressed that MI5 should be excluded from 
any contact with northern civic policing is actually a huge demand. The fact 
that the Brit securocrats are taking it so seriously to build the second 
largest MI5 base outside London in County Down is an example of the type of 
negotiations that are going on at the moment. All the same, the Israelis had 
to take down some freshly built settlements in Gaza after negotiations with 
the Palestinians I remember.

Philip wrote > I loved this bit in the Irish Times article:
Mr Adams stated: "I am committed to calling a meeting of the Sinn Féin ard 
chomhairle immediately when these issues are resolved. . ."

He is the President of the party and the Chair of the Ard Comhairle. It 
meets every two weeks. This means that there will be an extraordinary 
meeting of the Ard Comhairle to deal with this precise issue. He calls that 
extraordinary meeting.

>All very amusing, too, when we know in advance that "Sinn Fein" (ie the 
>Adams cabal and its sycophants atop the new, Provo version of the SDLP) 
>will, of course, accept the Continuity RUC, otherwise known as the Police 
>Service of Northern Ireland.  Indeed, not only will they accept it, some 
>members of the now disarmed and likely soon to be disbanded IRA may well be 
>incorporated into it.  Provided, of course, it has a 'mission statement' 
>declaring itself to be 'non-sectarian'.

Your assumption that Sinn Fein will enter policing structures was pronounced 
back in 2002 I believe when I first discussed this with yourself. You have 
not learnt yet. Republicans will only enter into policing institutions when 
they are certain that Brit state agencies cannot recreate a force within a 
force. As yet, I don't see that as coming about. It could happen but I don't 
see it right now despite everyone's hopes. The securocrats seem to have the 
upper hand within the British government.

>And sure, wasn't that what the whole struggle since 1921 has been about?  A 
>mission statement declaring a non-sectarian northern Irish statelet and 
>non-sectarian partition?

It has been a core belief of militant Republicanism since the 1920s that the 
six county statelet is built on inequality, maintained through inequality 
and its existence is intertwined with the maintenance of inequality. A 
recent report by CAJ (Committees for the Administration of Justice) pointed 
clearly to the fundamental inequality which *continues* to discriminate 
against Nationalists and Catholics. There has been a roll-back of the 
unparalleled Equality provisions within the Good Friday Agreement since the 
collapse of institutions. The six county statelet has no rationale outside 
inequality and the object lesson of the last few years is that Unionism as 
an ideology cannot accommodate the threat of equality or power-sharing. 
Paisley signing up to power sharing only to decide against and then for 
again is symptomatic of the fear that underscores political unionism. 
Already his party is in divisions over all this. Clearly, equality with 
Republicans at the heart of government is the weakest link and the means to 
achieve reunification.

>We now face the spectacle of a devolved "Northern Ireland" government in 
>which veteran arch-bigot Ian Paisley is, effectively, prime minister and 
>long-time IRA leader Martin McGuiness (chief of staff, 1978-82, and a 
>member of the Army Council ever since) is deputy prime minister.  And a few 
>other SF ministers to help oversee screwing over the working class.

First, the position of First Minister/Deputy First Minister remains highly 
restricted in powers confined to only 'transfered powers' at present. The 
role of the two positions is interlocked and all powers are equally shared 
and implemented despite the titles. The potential of Paisley sitting down 
with McGuinness in March has to be understood in the context that Paisley 
will still not speak to any member of Sinn Fein/IRA as he calls them.

The issue of state power is of priority. Whether it is used to empower the 
people or to disempower them is open to question. That is the struggle. The 
primary question is the political reconquest of Ireland by the Irish people, 
both nationalist and unionist, from the British state. Devolution of power 
on the basis of power-sharing in the north is a step forwards on that route 
particularly where radical Republicanism is at the heart of government in 
the North. Furthermore, the creation of accountable and community-based 
policing structures which have a clean separation from British security 
agencies will represent a massive step forwards.

>If Sunningdale (1974) and the 1975 ceasefire were tragedies, this new 
>set-up has got to be the farce.  Although a nice little earner for the 
>Adams cabal insiders.

Right now every elected member of SF gets paid national industrial wage that 
is apart from those who work on a voluntary basis who get a small handout 
every week for expenses. All elected members pay the difference to the 
party. Indeed, some lose out on family benefits that people on the 
industrial wage would be eligible for because their official wage is so much 
higher. Some earner for those guys...

>Meanwhile, a general election is about six months away in the other corrupt 
>little statelet on the island.  And, after it, what's the bet that Sinn 
>Fein will be the junior partner in a coalition government there too, bedded 
>in with Fianna Fail?

Fianna Fail have made it clear that they will not sit in government with SF 
not because of an aversion to the party's history but because of its 
socialist politics which they consider an anathema.

>Years ago, the Provos used to call the SDLP the Stoop Down Low Party.  
>Today, maybe we should call SF the Sellout Fakers party.

So how is progress with your Rrrevolutionary party in New Zealand, Phil?


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