[Marxism] Cuba: The elephant in the bedroom that noone discusses when they abandon Marxism in the name of the oppressed

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Tue Dec 5 06:58:09 MST 2006

Fred writes:

I am sure that leftists will do less harm and more good by going to church
than they will do by supporting the Democratic Party.
Unfortunately, this view seems mostly held by US leftists who do neither.

We have left-liberal friends in the US who are in one case, churchgoers, and
in the other, occasional synagogue goers, and in both cases, active at the
rank-and-file level of the Democratic party. Where does Fred think they've
been able to discuss Iraq, healthcare, abortion and gay rights, immigration,
the environment and the other issues which concern them and their
neighbours: in their party or in their church? When does he think they have
the greater opportunity to do: At Saturday or Sunday services, or during
primaries and elections?

Our friends are not as theoretically developed as Fred and others on this
list, nor do they consider themselves revolutionaries, but they do see
themselves as part of the broader left and support all the current causes at
home and abroad as we do - and often just as strongly. The fact that they
involve themselves in the one arena where they're most likely to get into
political discussion with other like-minded people is, IMO, a good thing and
not a bad thing. Opinion polls repeatedly have shown the liberal DP ranks
are the basis of antiwar and progressive sentiment and activity in the US.

They share many of our criticisms of the DP leadership, but think the party
can be reformed. That may be an illusion - the DP leaders would abandon it
if they ever thought they were losing control - but our friends are not
focused that far ahead, and think what they are doing now is relevant given
the times and issues facing their community. They wouldn't share Fred's
belief they would do "less harm and more good" by either confining their
activity to religious institutions or by joining marginal political groups
which they don't presently don't see as vehicles for addressing their
electoral concerns.

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