[Marxism] Book by Chinese-Cuban generals sparks lively discussion in Caracas

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 5 08:34:39 MST 2006

As the Bolivarian revolution continues to deepen, and a popular
hunger for knowledge, for ideas and for broader ways for people
to understand the processes in which they are living, publishers
are struggling to meet the needs of this expanding market. For
example, at the recent book fair in Caracas, Venezuela, where
Pathfinder presented its new book on the three Cuban generals
of Chinese heritage

It's fascinating stuff, completely original reporting. If only more 
groups and individuals on the political left had the interest in doing
such reporting! There's a living revolution in progress in Venezuela,
as is obvious from the political discussions reported here in this
story from THE MILITANT, and the development of a system of 
urban agriculture in Venezuela. The deepening links between the
Cuban and Venezuelan processes, and the links with the Chinese
diaspora as well which are reflected in discussions of this important
books are ones which should inspire everyone who hasn't read the
book to read and study it.

Those who've written off the Socialist Workers Party because of 
political differences with that organization would miss the possibility
for all of us of learning a great deal from the reporting which they
provide from events such as these in Venezuela. 

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews
Los Angeles, California

December 5, 2006

Vol. 70/No. 47           December 11, 2006  
Book by Chinese-Cuban generals
sparks lively discussion in Caracas
Presented at Venezuela's international book fair
The panelists were Honey Liu Lin, director of the Wei Jing Chinese
language school in the Chacaíto neighborhood of Caracas, who also
teaches Mandarin there; Vilma Chirinos, coordinator of the Special
Urban Agriculture Program in Venezuela; Elisa Panadés, representative
in Venezuela of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the
United Nations; Egidio Páez, coordinator of South-to-South, an
agricultural cooperation agreement between Cuba, Venezuela, and the
FAO; and Mary-Alice Waters, the editor of Our History Is Still Being
Written and president of Pathfinder Press, the book's publisher.

The composition of the panel reflected an important aspect of Cuba’s
internationalist cooperation with Venezuela: the development of
small-scale urban agriculture. One of the book’s three authors, Gen.
Moisés Sío Wong, has been directly involved in that program and
describes those efforts in some detail in the book.

In addition to the panelists, a special contribution to the program
was made by Harry Villegas, a brigadier general in Cuba's
Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR). Villegas is widely known as Pombo,
the nom de guerre given him by Ernesto Che Guevara, the
Argentine-born leader of the Cuban Revolution at whose side he fought
for a decade, during Cuba’s revolutionary war itself as well as on
internationalist missions in the Congo and Bolivia.

Cuba's socialist revolution
"One of the reasons it’s such an honor to have compañero Pombo with
us today is that he is the godfather of this book," said Waters in
opening her remarks. "The happy suggestion that we interview the
three FAR generals of Chinese descent came from Pombo. The fact that
we were able to weave together the stories of all three of them is
one of the book's great strengths."


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