[Marxism] david walsh on "the departed"

MICHAEL YATES mikedjyates at msn.com
Tue Dec 5 15:24:20 MST 2006

David Walsh's review of the film, The Departed, referenced in a message by 
Louis, is absolutely brilliant.  This was possibly the worst gangster film I 
have ever seen, with no redeeming value.  With incredibly reactionary 
politics, not to mention horrible dialogue, unbelievable scenes, idiotic 
characters, and bad, bad acting.  Jack Nicholson should retire if he can't 
do better than this.  DeCaprio is just awful as is Matt Damon.  Plus an 
incredibly patriarchal and misanthropic worldview throughout.  You have to 
wonder what Scorsese would do if the fascists took over.  Wear jackboots 

It's just great that the director tells us that the film reflects his anger 
at the way things have gone since 9/11, the immorality of our leaders and 
the like. Well then do something about it.  You've got money and influence.  
What a jerk.  He'll march his millions to the bank and live large and think 
he's an artist.  What a joke.

Michael Yates

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