[Marxism] Quiting Marxism, embracing what?

Michael Hoover mhhoover at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 16:35:57 MST 2006

below comments are a reply to topic heading rather than reply to any
particular post...

there have been people abandoning marxism since the first notion of
marxism, one (or two or three) more individual's disillusionment with
it is of little interest and will make not one iota of difference in
marxism's present or its future...

i've long held to the view that there are marxisms, all of these
marxisms depart from marx
in certain ways even as most of them claim his mantle, differences
seem inevitable to me,
after all, marx wasn't god (thank god or buddha or krishna or mohammed
or jesus or marx or whomever, maybe we should thank ourselves for

marx offers a methodology for analyzing certain social phenomena and a
theory for explaining their logic, operation, and relations...seems to
me that marxists generally agree about stuff on this end even if some
folks try to push both the method and the theory beyond parameters in
which they can be useful...

where the real problem arises is on the other end in what might be
called the 'political realm' with its perennial question about what to
do, a question to which i nor anyone else (including marx) has the
answer...some have potential answers, which is all there can ever

fwiw: i think that what became known as the leninist model was never
applicable to 20th century bourgeois/liberal/formal political
democracies however much they failed to measure up to their own
ideals/standards...i also think that this *bad fit* provides some
large measure of explanation for both the rigid character of certain
organizations and their deviations from one another (former leading to
the latter)...

returning to marx, the success of his own political interventions were
mixed at best and, in some instances, his role was actually
destructive such as with the first international... moreover, less
optimistic about 'the revo' in his later years, marx's assessment of
the paris commune was more of a uotpian embrace (however much i
generally like his take), additionally, the sobering reality of europe
at the time may have led to his study of russia...

thus, seeds of the 'crisis of marxism' were evident in marx's work itself...  mh

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