[Marxism] PS to Donal

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Dec 5 21:46:07 MST 2006

>So how is progress with your Rrrevolutionary party in New Zealand,



I guess I should've added a few things here.


Apart from being heavily involved in actually organising large numbers
of fast food workers - and several of our comrades being hired as union
organisers in the militant new union that has emerged in this sector -
we were also heavily involved in work around the most important
industrial struggle in years here when workers in three main cities were
locked out by the major corporate that employed them.  Again, one of our
leading comrades was hired as a full-time organiser.


Tell me, Donal, when was the last time SF was part of the leadership of
any struggles by the lowest-paid workers in Ireland?


Today one of our comrades is off to the Philippines where he has been
invited to deliver a paper at a conference organised by the mass
revolutionary movement there, a movement which dwarfs SF in size by the
way.  Funny SF doesn't get invites to important revolutionary gatherings
these days, but I guess Gerry and co would be too busy hobnobbing with
corporate America and bourgeois politicians anyway.


Oh and yes, one of our comrades spent a month in the Red Zones in Nepal.
The Nepalese Maoists are a huge force, control about 80 percent of the
country - again completely dwarfing SF and its "achievements".  And,
funnily enough, they aren't entering the Nepalese equivalent of Stormont
and offering to be deputies to the king.


Needless to say these kinds of mass revolutionary movements are
thoroughly contemptuous of reformism and sell-outs.


When SF has achieved anything to match the revolutionary movements we
are connected to, let me know.








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