[Marxism] More treachery was More idiocy from Iran

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Tue Dec 5 22:13:16 MST 2006

Lou wrote

This is just a function of the crudeness of the people who rule Iran, a pack of clerical millionaires whose servants in government are verbally radical but utterly useless when it comes to the real class struggle. For all their verbiage, they have had no trouble dealing with imperialism in the past. That's why Robert Gates has been brought in, I'm sure. As a principal in Irangate, he knows how to cut a deal with the bazaari bourgeoisie.

My comment:  This helps explain why and how the Shia leader Abdul Aziz al_Hakim of SCIRI has been invited to the White House. Al-Hakim is close to Iran. It would appear he is offering to coperate even more closely with the Americans.  He has begged them to stay in Iraq and has also agreed that the Shia radical leader, Muqtada al_Sadr, must be attacked. He would not have done any of this without the active agreement of the Iranian ruling caste.



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