SF and Nepali Maoists (was: [Marxism] PS to XXX)

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Wed Dec 6 00:54:36 MST 2006

Philip wrote:

> Oh and yes, one of our comrades spent a month in the Red Zones in Nepal.
> The Nepalese Maoists are a huge force, control about 80 percent of the
> country - again completely dwarfing SF and its "achievements".  And,
> funnily enough, they aren't entering the Nepalese equivalent of Stormont
> and offering to be deputies to the king.
> Needless to say these kinds of mass revolutionary movements are
> thoroughly contemptuous of reformism and sell-outs.

Philip could you please point out the principle differences between the present policies of SF and the CPN(Maoist)?

The CPN(Maoist) is entering parliamentarian politics, has laid down its arms, put them under United Nations supervision and is about to enter a government under the leadership of the leading bourgeois party, the Nepali Congress. 

As for hobnobbing with corporate America and bourgeois politicians: that is was Prachanda the leader of the CPN(Maoist) did at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit:
Other speakers included: Rudy Giuliani, Peter Mandelson, Jack Straw and Michael Eisner. Hardly a meeting of revolutionaries. Looks to me pretty much the same to what Gerry Adams does. 

I am too far from both places to say they are sell-outs, but I do not see the principal difference between the two.


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