[Marxism] More idiocy from Iran

gregory meyerson gmeyerson at triad.rr.com
Wed Dec 6 06:33:40 MST 2006

Let me ask again what the president of iran has really said about the 

and Luko:  was hilberg invited to the conference?  if so, I still don't 
see how it's serving his imperialist masters to refuse to sanction a 
conference that would function to legitimate "holocaust denial," UNLESS 
the conference is NOT functioning this way in part because A's comments 
about the judeocide did not in fact constitute denial. so for me, what 
A in fact said and thinks now is important.

Raul Hilberg is a defender of Norman Finkelstein.  I'd like more 
evidence before agreeing with what would seem on the surface a 
hyperbolic charge--"serving imperialist masters."

I thought Ethan Young's comments were pretty instructive on the desire 
to debate the judeocide:  "The second explanation is always popular 
with nationalists who feel threatened by class consciousness.  Except 
Jewish nationalists, of course -- they just turn the formula inside 
out: from the Jews vs. everybody to everybody vs. the Jews; or demonize 
some other nationality. But the goal is the same."

Finally:  it is not, Walter, informative to call Louis an anti iranian 
fanatic, even if it is in response to Louis's own brand of flaming.

believe me:  I love flaming, especially when I'm stressed out--as I am 
at the moment.  it would be momentarily satisfying to lash out and name 
call.  but I think it encourages people to check out.

On Dec 6, 2006, at 6:24 AM, Walter Lippmann wrote:

> Hi, Luko -
> Thanks so much for this message.
> Clearly I used to really misunderstand
> what you were trying to say. What
> you wrote here is a perfect reposte
> to Louis's unfortunate ravings of an
> anti-Iranian fanatic.
> Walter
>    Because the facts of the genocide of the European Jews organized by
> the German state have been used to justify the genocide of the
> Palestinian Arabs, thus being turned into a tool of distorting the
> facts, and because countries like Germany have laws on the book which
> make questioning the facts of the racist murder by the German state a
> thought crime punishable by several years in prison, the government of 
> a
> Third World country, which is being accused of continuing the racist
> goals of German imperialism, has found it useful to organize this
> conference, either to bolster their propagandistic stance, or to find a
> way in all the pro-imperialist ideologic confusion.
>    If the Raul Hilbers of this world would have any sense of a
> _scientific_ responsability for the truth, instead of a responsability
> for the success of their imperialist masters -- who pay their salary --
> then they would have rushed to Teheran to tell the truth and get
> Ahamadinejad once and forever off his acceptance of the racist Zionist
> lies that the colonial settler state Israel were in the interest of the
> Jews of the world instead of being a weapon of imperialism against the
> Jews of the world and all oppressed peoples of Asia, Africa, and Latin
> America.
> Yours,
> Lüko Willms
> Frankfurt, Germany
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