[Marxism] APOLOGY: Re: More idiocy from Iran

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 6 06:41:09 MST 2006

One of the unfortunate things which happens to those of us
who like to wake up early and work long before the crack of
dawn is the occasional fuckup like this for which I am truly
sorry. I don't like flaming and do not normally participate in
it or respond in kind when it is addressed to me. This was
an error on my part and I apologize to Louis and the list as
a whole for my fuckup. My comment, as you correctly say,
was not informative. I do think that Louis is in error about
this, but as my fourth-grade teacher, Miss Bucellato used
to remind me, "two wrongs don't make one right".

Again, I apologize. I should go slow with such things.

Walter Lippmann,
Los Angeles, California
>Finally:  it is not, Walter, informative to call Louis an anti iranian 
>fanatic, even if it is in response to Louis's own brand of flaming.
>believe me:  I love flaming, especially when I'm stressed out--as I am 
>at the moment.  it would be momentarily satisfying to lash out and name 
>call.  but I think it encourages people to check out.

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