[Marxism] More idiocy from Iran

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 6 10:29:26 MST 2006

I sometimes wonder why some people, calling themselves Marxists, would make so strong an effort to explain, justify, support and promote every single piece of
idiocy produced by a theocratic government based on a very socially backward
political regime.

It is as if only being able to adhere to every word uttered by the rulers of a
country threatened by US imperialism, it is OK to defend it (the country, the nation) against imperial intervention.

By the same logic, if they DO NOT agree with every stupidity those rulers said
or do, then is NOT OK to defend the country they govern against imperialist

By the same token, those who feel the need to support every stupid act of a
theocratic regime, attack and slander those who, disagreeing with their
allegiance to the Mullahs, are nonetheless on the side of defending the
country they rule so badly against US threats.

Of course, on that particular note, the Mullahs are smarter than their epigones
since they do not reject the support of those who despise them politically
in the common struggle against the common imperial enemy.

That tells you a lot about the difference between the real article and those
who play ant imperialism -- confusing it with political uncritical support -- at their

The conference organized in Teheran IS logical only fromt he point of view of
the retributive superficial policies of the mullahs.  But is only logical as a
fuck up gesture for internal and regional consumption but is a disastrous
political move for the struggle internationally.

Defenders of Iran against the US should say it clearly and loudly is they expect
to be credible elsewhere.  And in Iran itself. Iranian seculars and commies
should know that there is someone to ally with internationally.

Acting as a diplomatic extension of the Mullahs' Chancellor or Prime Minister
does nothing to advance the cause of internationalism or Marxism.

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