[Marxism] Karl Marx, Trotskyite wrecker and splitter

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 6 05:01:04 MST 2006

Petroni writes: "If you quit "organized Marxism," as some would put it
(there is NOT unorganized Marxism as it contradicts the very essence of a
movement which exist with the solely  purpose of changing the world, not
contemplating it) you may very well remain a progressive thinker or
whatever, but you're not a Marxist, as Marxism interrelate theory and
practice, praxis. Outside an organization, you're not part of the subjective
factor that may make revolution possible."

And yet Andy Pollack complains that I don't get censored for calling this
guy a windbag. But what else can one say about someone who produces such
empty, super-r-r-revolutionary phrasmongering, completely devoid of any
trace of intelligence or thought?

Outside an organization you can't be a Marxist. Pope Petroni the Pompous
himself Proclaims it!

Talk about Papal Bull.

And let it be clear this means an explicitly Marxist, socialist
organization, for Stan Goff indicates he remains politically engaged in
local projects and so on. "Organization" in general is not being renounced;
what has been made the target of Marxist, materialist criticism are the
self-styled "Marxist" and "socialist" organizations in the United States. It
is against renouncing this specific type of organization that Petroni's
wrath has been aroused.

Petroni's postulate would mean that Marx and Engels were Marxists from
around mid-1847, when they joined the Communist League, to early in 1848,
when they took the lead in liquidating it. True, they did reconstitute it in
1849 or 1850, but we can hardly take this for GENUINE communist organization
building, since, when faced with a revolution, the very first thing that
League had done was to dissolve itself as a revolutionary organization, and,
anyways, when a revolutionary situation did not quickly arise after 1850 (if
it had, we may suppose, they would have followed the 1848 precedent and
dissolved the Communist League *again*), the two Manifesto malcreants
dissolved the Communist League *anyways* on the pretext that a revolutionary
working class organization cut off from its class by a period of reaction
could only play at revolution and would inevitably degenerate. 

As for the First International, that was hardly a revolutionary
organization, but a hodge-podge of unions and all sorts of other formations
structured as a federation of autonomous local and national sections.

Marx said "I am not a Marxist," and Petroni could not possibly be more in
agreement. "Quitters and individual
'thinkers' are not from what revolutionary leaderships are made of," he

As a matter of fact, he becomes so blinded by Stan Goff's outrage against
the Cult of Organization, that Petroni forgets what he usually preaches,
that there is only one true road to socialism and workers power, his, and
all others are false prophet spawn of the petty-bourgeoisie. Instead, he
implores us to stand by our sect. He doesn't care which one, just so long as
we're in one. 

And this makes sense, for as long as faith remains in the Second Coming of
our Savior, the Leninist Party, then there is also hope that you will find
your way to Pope Petroni, rejecting as false all Bishops, Patriarchs and
Metropolitans not in communion with him. 

But wait a second.... 

The League of the Just had been a going concern since 1836. Then along come
Marx and Engels, join it for the explicit purpose of transforming it by
grounding it in a "critical" version of Communism, and no sooner is that
accomplished, and its codification in the Manifesto of the Communist Party
delivered from the printers, than they turn around and LIQUIDATE the
revolutionary organization on the pretext that --get this!-- a revolution
has broken out. Isn't that like disbanding the fire department because a
fire so big had broken out that everyone has joined in fighting it? As if
the masses could organize a bucket brigade without the leadership of
professional firefighters. Not for nothing are they kitted out in red.

The only possible conclusion is that in reality Marx and Engels did not
"join" the League of the Just, they carried out a party-wrecking entryist
operation, a "French turn." (And in fact, Engels even went to Paris from
Brussels to do it, because, well,  who ever heard of a Belgian turn?) 

If the political background of most people on this list were a little
different, I'm sure we would all agree that these young men were nothing but
Trotskyite wreckers and splitters!

Why just look at what they put into their socalled "communist" manifesto:
don't go around building parties opposed to other working class parties.
Don't have a separate program of principles with which you try to shape and
mold the proletarian movement. What is this but a prescription for the most
craven sort of capitulation to reformism, Kautskyism, Goffism and every sort
of deviation imaginable?

And, confirming the accusations made here, just as soon as they dissolved
the CL, this dastardly duo started out the Neue Rheinische Zeitung
consciously identifying themselves as --yep-- "Democrats." And they
denounced those who would have have them function openly as socialists
which, Engels claimed, would have meant "to preach communism in a little
provincial sheet and to found a tiny sect instead of a great party of

And what great "party of action" was this? "The extreme Democratic party."
Of course. Like all quitters, they immediately bellyflopped into
capitulation to the Democrats, just as Petroni and everyone else on this
list explains.

Just as soon as I get the chance, I'm going to learn German and go check out
the original manuscripts of Engels's articles about this history as well as
the issues of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung. I'm certain there's an
endorsement of Hillary in there somewhere.


PS to Louis and Les: I sure hope the rule about not putting people's names
in subject lines doesn't apply to dead people. If it does, then please
change the subject line to "___________, Trtoskyite wrecker and splitter."
I'm sure some people will think I'm referring to Petroni, but under the
circumstances, that is inevitable.

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