[Marxism] APOLOGY: Re: More idiocy from Iran

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 6 10:54:51 MST 2006

I agree with Louis here and thought, with all the friction which we have 
over one issue or another, I thought I would spend one of my rather
carefully-budgeted per day messages to state this explicitly to the list.

Personally, I thought the best response I saw to the idea of the Iranian
cartoon contest was the one an Israeli group had for a cartoon contest
to produce anti-Semitic cartoons, but you had to be Jewish to enter the
competition...There was a great interview with the Israeli cartoonist by
Terry Gross of NPR's Fresh Air interview program awhile back.

To me, Marxmail is a useful forum because it has the capacity to bring
together people from different trends and traditions, and, even more,
from around the world, where we can all exchange ideas, experiences
and assessments in a way we can possibly all learn something from.

If we can clarify ideas, even were we disagree, we and the struggles
for a better world will all gain something from the process. Thanks for
expressing these comments about the Iranian government in these
tones, Louis. 

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews
Los Angeles, California
The problem with Ahmadinejad is not that he is a holocaust denier. It is 
rather that he is unclear. His formulations are sloppy and stupid. They 
allow Zionists to stigmatize the Iranian regime. I am not bringing this up 
because I am hostile to Iran. I bring it up because the country needs 
smarter leaders. As Malcolm X matured politically, he learned to avoid any 
possible interpretation that he was anti-Semitic. Unfortunately, the 
government of Iran seems stuck in the kind of groove that you found in 
certain Black nationalist milieus.

For example, it was idiotic to have an art show in Iran that featured 
stereotypes of Jews. This was intended as a "fuck you" gesture after the
Danish cartoon controversy. The government should have used its influence 
to persuade the gallery not to do this. The bourgeois press manipulates 
such incidents to heighten animosity toward Iran and build war hysteria. An 
attack on Iran would be in the name of liberating women and gays and 
eliminating an anti-Semitic viper's pit, as well as preempting nuclear war. 
In such conditions, you have to act much smarter.

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