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Wed Dec 6 10:58:39 MST 2006

To me its more than obvious that the Iranian gov't has over the years engaged in
acts that are propaganda point of view: anti-Semitic. This is not a case of
Palestinians in the streets denouncing Jews because in fact it's "Jews as Jews"
that are killing them (the point Joaquin was making a few months back). What
Louis has stated previously about the sloppy religious-nationalist expressions
of the Iranian gov't are obvious to anyone. If it walks like  a duck....only
blind defenders of every gov't that is in coflict with the US will make excuses
for this bigotry.

The Iranian gov't drove out the majority of it's Jewish population 20 years ago.
It was probably the oldest Jewish community in the world and, was, a repository
for much of Irans historic Persian/Farsi culture. This culture was wiped out,
essentially, when most Iranian Jews felt compelled to leave. The only decent
thing I can say about this is that most came to the US instead of Israel. The
reason for the bad-blood had less to do with Zionism, per se, than the support
given the US installed Shah by this same community and this same community's
opposition to the 1979 revolution (or non-participation thereof actually).
There is bad blood between the gov't of Iran and Iranian Jews and I'm sure this
plays no small role in the current gov't's entertaining the idea that the
Holocaust is made up.

It's been my experience that when non-Marxists start attacking Zionism's use of
the Holocaust it almost inevitably becomes a form of Holocaust denial. This is
what happened with the Free Arab Voice in Beruit. The method is this: Zionism
is using victimology as an excuse for maintaining their colonial-settler state.
Instead of looking at imperialism and colonialism, they, the people raising
these questions, start looking at the victims themselves to see if they are in
fact, victims. This is what Ahmadinejad is and has been doing, this what the
theocracy in Iran has been doing. They *accept* the method of victimology, that
is they buy the argument of the Zionists and seek only to attack the "facts".
They feel obligated, as the FAV has done, to either deny victimhood to European
Jews or make Palestinians "worse off" in order justify support and defense for
the Palestinians.

Ahmadinejad, et all, accept the view that if the genocide actually happened
against European Jews, then the "Jews have a case" for Israel. That they are
impelled, like the FAV folks, to destroy this arguemnt of the Zionists. Of
course they don't state this, but it's the very clear logic of their view that
if Jews were victims, then we have to dispel any notion that they were as bad
off as "they say it was"...otherwise why deny it, why get into this debate? Any
forum where the "Holocaust will be discussed" in the context of the Iranian
gov't is simply a ploy to legitimize the questioning of the Holocaust itself.
Holocaust deniers have tried to get Deborah  Lipstadt to debate them. She
argues, quite correctly, that there is no debate. I support her in this.

The way for the Iranian government to raise this in a historically honest way
would be to admit their confusion and ignorance over the subject and ask that
scholars who have studied this subject to submit papers and seek discussions
with the gov't. But if you believe this is the intention of the Iranian gov't
current appeal, you have have lost the ability to seriouly see things for what
they are.

David Walters

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