Subject: [Marxism] Karl Marx, Trotskyite wrecker and splitter

Carlos Petroni cepetroni at
Wed Dec 6 12:01:46 MST 2006

Dear Mr. Bustelo:  I saw and heard what you're saying a thousand times.  I
understand these are difficult times to be a Marxist, particularly if your point of
reference is the US and "Solidarity."

It is hard when the class doesn't seem to be listening to your rethoric and
youth are shrugging your shoulders when you utter your pronnoucements.
I can feel your pain and your anger at all "those bastards" who could not
understand the grandiose schemes you have designed.

This is so, however,  because behind your insults and diatribe, is empty rethoric.

Just the self-justification of
the petitebourgeois who is "tired" of wasting his time organizing or pretending
he is.  But, because the middle class imbued you with its "moral attributes", however, you need a justification for quitting.

No as much because you need those justifications for yourself -- after all,
moral qualms are just an illussion -- but because you need to justify
your actions in front of others.

I know the type.  They can't quit alone as that would be a
recognition of failure they could not stand.  So they will work hard
to make others "walk" with you.  If someone quits with you, you will
certainly feel more, how can I say this?, justified? "See - you would say -
I'm not the only one."

That, Mr. Bustelo is the only wrecker that exist in the Marxist movement
because what they do, they do based on their own personal -- and ego --
needs. You need to "convince" others that your decision to desert
Marxism is justified and is possible, drag someone towards your own

You, of course, do not like to be known as a "quitter,"  and in order to avoid
that, you're trying to "theorize" why you're a quitter by blaming the US
working class, and call upon as witnesss no other than Marx and Engels
saying they did the same than you're on your way to do.

Sorry, It won't wash.  Marx and Engels did not quit. They took conscious
and agreed upon decisions with those who were together in an organization.

You're are right, Mr. Bustelo, I do consider comrade....... (fill the blank with the name of the activist you dislike the most), a member of .... (fill the blank with the
socialist group you dislike the most) is better sueted organizationally, politically
AND theoretically than you or Stan Goff to participate or have something of some interest to say in teh revolutionary process.

For as long he/she remains in contact with Marxism through organization --
whatever the faults of the organization he/she is on -- the possibility remains
to fix the group, switch  to a better one or create a new one. At least, in
that organization they discovered the rudiments of what socialism is. And
they would probably learn a thing or two about struggle.

In your company, that would be impossible.

Talking about the internationals, trotsky used to say that if you don't have one,
you should build one and if you can't because objective conditions are
not favorable to go beyond a national organization, you need to operate and act as if your organization was one, even though with a single branch in a single country.

Of course, he wasn't referring to arrogant pronouncements but to a methodology.

In regards to individuals and organizations is the same.  There is no Marxism
without organization.  If you don't have one, create one and start building it.
But stop giving excuses and theorizing when the real reason is the desire to
quit. Ellaborate your theory, setup your organization and call others to join.
Otherwise, your projective insult of windbag is returning to hit you as a 

Because it is ironic that you accuse others of being devoid of ideas or
intelligence when you're not proposing anything with a trace of either.

If you decide to continue your journey, good luck in the swamp and I hope you
forgive me and others for not joining you there.  From the last post of yours
is clear that you decided to pass from declaring the "truth" of your
"theory on quitting" to the common baiting cold.  I let you sniffing and I
politely decline your invitation. Mud wrestling and SM are not my things.

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