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Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Wed Dec 6 14:12:15 MST 2006

At 04:39 AM 12/6/2006, D OC wrote:
 >The Six County PSNI is now - already - the most accountable
 >police force anywhere in the West

Accountable to whom?  British imperialism and only British 
imperialism.  The PSNI exists to maintain British capitalist rule in 
the North of Ireland.  It's no more accountable to the people than 
any other police force, and is probably less accountable than most 
western police forces when it comes to political persecution.

 >Similarly, the Equality Duties in the GFA lead the world in
 >ensuring bourgeois 'equality of opportunity

What does "equality of opportunity" mean?  SF supporters chant it as 
if it's a religious mantra that requires no further thought.

 >This is a dialectical process

Donal, you can babble terms like "equality of opportunity" and 
"dialectical process" all you want, but anyone with even half of a 
brain can see you're trying to distract people away from the fact 
that your party is a neo-liberal, pro-imperialist party now.  Your 
party leaders even think the most imperialist of imperialist nations, 
the US, can play a positive role in Ireland and that American 
millionaires wanting to exploit the workforce in the North are 
friends of republicanism.

 >I look at entry into Policing structures, on the correct
 >structural basis, as a potential leap forward in undermining
 >British control.

The British look at SF entry into Policing structures as a potential 
leap forward in SF administering British rule in the North.  This is 
what the British policy of Ulsterisation was about, either 
marginalising or assimilating republicans.

 >This is about the reconquest of Ireland by the Irish
 >under the lead of the people's party.

SF -- a neo-liberal, pro-imperialist party -- is the people's 
party?  "Under the lead" reminds me of what Pannekoek once wrote: "To 
be liberated by others, whose leadership is the essential part of the 
liberation, means the getting of new masters instead of the old 
ones."  It's easy to see that the most important thing to you is that 
any struggle be lead by your party's leadership, no matter how wrong 
they may be.

 >The goal of revolutionaries must be to develop these
 >mass openings and encourage the people to seize further
 >power on a radical platform.

Yes, but SF is hardly a revolutionary organisation with a radical 
platform, now is it?  Just recently, they called for lowering the 
corporate income tax in the North to better attract capitalist 
investment.  When Stormont was last running, your party's ministers 
enacted privatisation schemes and took some anti-worker 
stances.  Quit pretending that your party is some revolutionary 
vanguard.  And SF doesn't want the people to seize power, it wants 
the people to vote SF politicians into power.

Danielle Ni Dhighe
Coordinating Committee Member
Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America
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