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Michael Stone and the St. Andrews freefall ? sideshow Bob fails to steal
the show

John McAnulty

1 December 2006

In the eyes of most commentators the arrival of Loyalist Killer, Michael
Stone, at the doors of the Stormont assembly on the 24th of November marked
a descent into farce.  Stone, armed with knife, garrotte, pistol and a number
of bombs, proved the banality of evil, a wannabe seeking star status by attempting
to show that he had the X factor to propel himself to the top of the sectarian
mass murder tables by replaying his 1988 attack on mourners at a republican

In the event Stone could only manage a billing as sideshow Bob, upstaged
by the deeper and more meaningful farce surrounding the collapse of the St.
Andrews Agreement, the replacement for the failed Good Friday agreement.
St Andrews, miscalled an agreement but in reality imposed by the British,
edged towards the DUP demand for majority rule and an oath of loyalty to
the British state from Sinn Fein, while at the same time imposing a strict
timetable to deliver the bigot Paisley as First Minister of the Irish colony.
 The British had announced that the process would fall if Paisley failed
to attend a meeting on November 10th.  He refused to attend and the British
cancelled the meeting, announcing sternly that the 24th was the last chance
for Paisley to be nominated as First minister before they pulled the plug.

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