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Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Thu Dec 7 10:49:39 MST 2006

On Wed, 06 Dec 2006 13:12:15 -0800, Danielle Ni Dhighe wrote:

> Yes, but SF is hardly a revolutionary organisation with a radical 
> platform, now is it?  Just recently, they called for lowering the 
> corporate income tax in the North to better attract capitalist 
> investment. 

  and to lower this from 17% to 12%. 

  What you prefer not to mention, is that SF advanced the demand to 
implement an all-Irish corporate income tax rate of 12% for all the 
island, for all 32 counties. 

  Paisley feels DUPed, because he is well for lowering the corporate 
income tax, but wants to avoid all-Irish solutions like the devil or the 

  The greatest fear of the Loyalists now is, as I see it, for the six 
counties to be drawn into the economic orbit of the booming 
26-county-republic, and I do think that one of the main task of Irish 
nationalists is to make exactly that happen, and to break up the 
sectarian self-isolation of the 6-county Unionists. 

  The objective situation which gave a material basis for a mass base 
supporting partition in northern Ireland has changed a lot since the 
partition took place -- back then, the Belfast capitalist feared to lose 
access to the English market as an internal marked, should Ireland 
become independent, and could muster a mass base for their economic 

  In the mean time, the Northern textile and ship building industries 
have lost a lot of their weight, and in my opinion, the Southern 
republic is in economic terms much more powerful. In how far this is an 
independent Irish capital is a question I can't answer, but for the 
Northern six counties it would be economically attractive to form a 
common economic area with the South, instead of continuing as a poor 
appendix of the English crown, and one day to use the Euro instead of 
the Pound Sterling as their currency. I see SF acting on the basis of 
this material force. 

   The re-unification of Ireland is an important democratic, i.e. 
national, goal, whose achievement is worth fighting for, even if this 
struggle does not grow over right away into a socialist revolution; this 
is comparable to the abolishment of the Apartheid-system in South 
Africa, which was a big step forward for humanity, even if it did not 
give way to a proletarian revolution without any delay. 

   And I think that those who do not value highly the achievement of 
such democratic tasks will not, I dare to day, never, be able to lead a 
proletarian revolution. 

  National unification of Ireland would at least enable the proletariat 
in Ireland to form itself into a party by and for itself, removing 
sectarian barriers which prevent our class from uniting its forces until 

  And let me finally state that I am glad that the IRA did dispose of 
its weaponry, i.e. made it unusable, and in a very honorable way, 
without the humiliating scenes of public surrender of arms and 
destruction of those arms by imperialist forces, like e.g. in Aceh 
province of Indonesia. I was lucky to be able to follow the news 
conference of this Canadian general live, where he reported of his 
findings of the IRA actions in this regard, and had the impression that 
this was a very honest procedure. 

  Armed struggle is not a one-size-fits-all method to be applied in each 
and every circumstance, and I think that the current situation of 
Ireland is dealt with better without. 

Comradely yours, 

Lüko Willms
Frankfurt, Germany
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