[Marxism] Vote for Chavez as TIME magazine person of the year

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 7 11:38:49 MST 2006

When Walter posted this Tuesday, Chavez was in 7th out of 8 places with 8% 
of the vote. Since then I've plugged it twice on my website, as well as on 
the Democrat-based (but with huge readership) Daily Kos; Chavez has now 
moved up to second place with 18% and closing fast on first. Since I plugged 
it the second time 
last night on my blog, he's moved up from 15 to 18%.

This "vote" is neither democratic nor binding, but then we're all used to 
both of those things. But, and notwithstanding the usual reminder that 
Hitler was a Time Person of the year, a good showing by Hugo Chavez is 
almost certainly a good thing. As I wrote in a comment on my blog, "No 
matter what snide remarks were included [in a TIME article about Chavez], or 
words like "dictatorial" etc., the truth of what he is actually DOING for 
and with the people of Venezuela would be bound to come through, just like 
mentions of Cuba are always bound to acknowledge achievements in education 
and health care. And any time people can see even an inkling of what can be 
done when state power is turned to the needs of the people rather than the 
corporations and the wealthy, that's a good thing.

Go vote! (And no, you can't vote twice unless you switch IP addresses, I'm 
sure no one would do that ;-) )


Eli Stephens
  Left I on the News

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