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Thu Dec 7 13:16:10 MST 2006

I also wanted to state that generally I defend Finkelstein. He's used by
Holocaust deniers a lot, but so is Lenni Brenner and Ralph Schoenman, both of
whom have written excellent Marxist accounts of Zionism. Both, like
Finkelstein, reject the historical revisionism of the deniers and both would
have nothing to do with Ahmadinejad farce. Both, too, would strongly defend
Iran against imperialist attack.

Finkelstein's main service is to expose exactly how the Zionists manipulate the
issue of the Holocaust, how they 'seize the issue' as if a political movement
can own a tragedy. I've read interviews with him, and heard him debate, these
out, I haven't yet read his book on the "Holocaust Industry".

Deborah Lipstadt may be a Zionist but I did read her excellent refutation of the
Deniers and their neo-Nazi ilk. It is devastating in it's presentation of the
evidence and damning in the method behind the deniers. I read book quite some
time ago, but "Zionism" is not what I thought about or reacted to in reading
her book.

My whole reason about become hot on this issue stems from one reason and one
reason alone: how best to defend, in the developing world, the struggle for
self-determination of the Palestinians and against Zionism. In my mind,
anything that detracts from this struggle is a danger to the struggle. As Anna
pointed out, the Zionists LOVE Ahmadinejad and the theocratic-nationlists when
ever he opens his mouth because he drives a wedge between the just struggle of
the Palestinians for one united Palestine and their natural allies in the US
and other countries: working people and other oppressed.

That very sane leftists like J. Flanders can utter an amazing bizarro-world
utterance about Louis' opposition to Ahmadinejad insanity with "He may not like
it, but in my opinion, it is effective" I have to wonder if Jon gets out at all
and who is talking with? And, we need more discussion about this. Most
Americans, and probably most Europeans, of any political persuasion have little
"confidence" in someone like Ahmadinejad precisely because Ahmadinejad's
utterances dovetail so nicely with imperialist propaganda about Iran. I often
try to place myself in my mind into one of the neo-Con think tanks with the
assigned task from the US Army's phsycorp officers to come up with ways that
can do damage to 'my enemies' reputation and standing. All I have to do is wait
for someone like Ahmadinejad and my job is done, I can collect my commission.

On some levels, Ahmadinejad IS effective. I heard his interview with Mike
Wallace on 60 minutes, most of which concentrated on the issue of nukes. Anyone
listening to him would at least think "maybe he's got a point...", the thought
rapidly driven out when Wallace asked him about the death of millions of people
at the hands of the Nazis and any thoughts of reasonableness get driven out by
Ahmadinejad point of view. Tragic AND totally ineffective.


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