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The same  kind of process happened in South Africa as it became
increasingly clear  that the ANC was committed to a neo-liberal economic
course.  There  was no big split - no-one within the ANC was able to form
a coherent,  revolutionary opposition - so, instead, there was just
confusion and  demoralisation.

Yes, you're completely right, which is why it is vital that anti-GFA forces  
come together sooner rather than later to provide a counterweight to the lurch 
 to the right taken by SF. The peace on offer to the Republican people is 
nothing  more than a Roman peace, involving their capitulation and the turning of 
their  community into a free market desert. Adams, McGuinness, et al, have 
gained out  of the confusion and demoralisation they have wrought in their 
incremental  sell-out to the British establishment. However, I was heartened to 
read the  report sent by Philip of the Republican meeting that took place 
recently, at  which the likes of Marion Price tore into the SF representative and 
into SF's  entire strategy.
However, the British left again are quiescent on this issue. Still,  today, 
there are more British troops in the Six Counties than there are  serving in 
Iraq. Where are the voices raised in opposition to this  occupation, one is 
forced to wonder?

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