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Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Fri Dec 8 00:22:26 MST 2006

At 09:49 AM 12/7/2006, Lüko Willms wrote:
 >What you prefer not to mention, is that SF advanced the demand to
 >implement an all-Irish corporate income tax rate of 12% for all the
 >island, for all 32 counties.

And how exactly is that radical or even progressive?  In the South, it
may be liberal reformism and in the North it may be more conservative,
but it isn't anything like the republican socialism Sinn Fein
previously claimed to champion nor is it particularly republican.  The
middle class nationalists of the SDLP are objectively to the left of
SF on many issues and pretending that SF is a revolutionary vanguard,
as Donal does, is a betrayal of the working class.  No true
revolutionary party would treat the working class so shabbily and with
so much cynicism.

 >I see SF acting on the basis of this material force.

I see the SF leadership acting on the basis of political opportunism.
This is a leadership that has manipulated and lied from day one, not
only against principled activists within their own movement but
against principled activists in other republican or republican
socialist movements.

 >The re-unification of Ireland is an important democratic, i.e.
 >national, goal, whose achievement is worth fighting for, even if this
 >struggle does not grow over right away into a socialist revolution

And do you really believe that administering British rule is an
effective way to accomplish that goal?

 >National unification of Ireland would at least enable the proletariat
 >in Ireland to form itself into a party by and for itself, removing
 >sectarian barriers which prevent our class from uniting its forces
 >until now.

I prefer to see the national liberation struggle and the class
liberation struggle as completely intertwined.  One can't be
accomplished without the other.

 >And let me finally state that I am glad that the IRA did dispose of
 >its weaponry, i.e. made it unusable, and in a very honorable way

What's honorable about destroying your weapons at the behest of the
occupiers so that you can administer that occupation for them?

 >Armed struggle is not a one-size-fits-all method to be applied in
 >each and every circumstance, and I think that the current situation
 >of Ireland is dealt with better without.

That's a bit of a straw man, Luko, because no one is arguing in favor
of continuing the armed struggle at this time, and there's a huge gulf
between abandoning the armed struggle for now in favor of other
tactics and abandoning it for good in favor of neo-liberal reformism.

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