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I  have taken the central sentence as the subject line of my 
contribution.  And that is the real issue here which Adams, Sinn Féin and 
the Irish  nationalists are tackling with: "we need to take control of 
policing and  justice away from London". This is a very central demand on 
the way  towards a united and independent Ireland. 

No, it is not. It is the acquiescence in a process designed to maintain the  
Union by changing the form of control. The GFA, as with devolution in Scotland 
 and Wales, was and is designed to nullify separatist movements by ceding 
them  devolved powers. The biggest threat to the continuance of the UK was the  
Republican movement. Now that it has been neutered the British ruling class can 
 continue to play the role of willing lieutenant to US imperialism and enjoy 
the  fruits to be had in this role. That is, until the Iraqi resistance proved 
to be  the rock upon which the neocon project has floundered. The Adams 
leadership's  embracing of neoliberalism had been tantamount to a betrayal of the 
principles  for which so many sacrificed their lives and their liberty - not 
only in the Six  Counties, but around the world.

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