[Marxism] More idiocy from Iran - and more contradictions?

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Fri Dec 8 08:50:04 MST 2006

John, are you writing to me or Louis or someone else?

My own view of the tie in is that oppression of homosexuals in Iran is much
worse for them than it is for Jews in general, the community itself being
technically legalized and "protected". For Gays it's the opposite:
illegalization of their community and individuals, oppression and even death.
Not good, IMO.

However, what we were really discussing of late is the *politics* of Holocaust
revisionism and the role the of the Iranian Gov't to this issue, not the actual
question of Jews in Iran, which came up more along the lines of 'supporting
discussion' than the actual topic. In fact, in my last post, I indicated that
the "issue" is not even the "idiocy of the Iranian gov't" rather the issue is
how best to defend Palestinians. That's MY point of view.

Speaking generally, and without serious detailed facts about the situation right
now in Iran for Gays or Jews there, I would sumise that it's a "lot better" for
Jews than open Gays there.

David Walters

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