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Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 8 11:05:19 MST 2006

Why do people argue about things which cannot be proven by any
empirical or scientific means? Religion can't be proven to be
true or not because it's FAITH-BASED. It simply doesn't respond
to empirical efforts because it works on another level. And no
matter how hard the religious or the athiest try to prove their
point, they cannot ever come to agreement, because they're based
on mutually-exclusive premises.

Religion does play a powerful force in human life. Sometimes it
is positive (Camilo Torres, Ernesto and Fernando Cardenal, Jose
Antonio Echevarria, Malcolm X and many others.) Sometimes is is
a negative force (No need to enumerate since no disagrement is
involved among people who consider themselves Marxist. Religion
is often a prism through which social and political struggles
are refracted, amplified or distorted. Most people on the planet
believe in "god", in some form or other. I've not personally had
the chance to interview "most people on earth", but I'll simply
make that assertion. When Hugo Chavez prays to God for Fidel's
health, that's a hell of a lot better than those rightist Miami
nut-cakes who pray for his death. It further puts the Catholic
Church in a position where it has to have some kind of stance.

In Miami, prominent Catholics prayed for Fidel's death, but on
the island, the hierarchy prayed for him to get well. Unlike
their kith and kin in Miami, in Cuba the church hopes to have
some influence on people's thinking, and not just in the here-
after, but right here and now on this earth on which we live.
That's why the Cuban church has reduced its conflicts with the
Revolution. This isn't to say that they don't have plenty of
differences, but they're muted.

Granma is the publication of the Central Committee of the 
Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), Here it reports on the position
of one church on the island against the reactionary clerics of
the Czech Republic. Why does the Cuban Communist Party, which
DOES permit believers to be members, take up such a position? 
Should the Cuban CP explain to people that this is really one
of Chavez's weaknesses? IT strike me this would be unwise.

Personally, I'm an atheist and, God willing, I always will be.
<g>. I hope that should readers of these messages get a chance
to meet with Hugo Chavez, that they defer discussions about
relatively arcane philosophical points to low priority on
their agenda.

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews
Los Angeles, California

December 8, 2006
Cuban Council of Churches Blasts Czech Interference


A Cuban Pastoral Forum has criticized the Czech Ecumenical Council 
of Churches for dictating to its Cuban counterpart while supporting
anti-Christian measures like the US blockade against the island.



The statement issued by the forum was read by Rev. Pablo Oden
Marichal at the Episcopal Cathedral of the Holy Trinity on
Thursday. It sustains that the position of the Czech Council is part
of the US policy of recurring to third parties to justify the
reinforcement of the criminal blockade against Cuba.

Jitka Klubalova, Secretary General of the Czech council, had demanded
Christians in Cuba not to support the Council of Churches of Cuba,
which she described as an institution subordinated to the government.

"The history of services of the Cuban Council of Churches, committed
to its people since its foundation in 1941, through its participation
in the literacy campaign and the attention it paid to the healthcare
of the people through a network of dispensaries, in its early years,
confers to it moral authority for an active involvement in efforts to
mitigate the effects of the blockade," adds the statement.

The document noted how the solidarity aid provided by other churches
of other regions of the world, especially those based in the United
States, has been blockaded by the George W Bush Administration.

Yolanda Brito, first vice president of the Cuban Council of Churches,
read a Christmas letter from the institution, with the purpose of
interceding before US authorities, so that Adriana Perez and Olga
Salanueva (wives of Cuban Five members Gerardo Hernandez and Rene
Gonzalez, respectively) be allowed to visit their husbands, unjustly
held in prisons of that country.

Also on hand at the forum were South African pastor Maake Massangor,
moderator from the Urban Rural Mission and Ghanaian reverend Kwame
Labi, executive secretary of that program.

Chávez pide a Dios por salud de Fidel Castro 
Associated Press


BRASILIA - El presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez afirmó el jueves que
pide a Dios por la salud de su amigo, el líder cubano Fidel Castro, y
aseguró que el mandatario brasileño, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva le
expresó su deseo de visitar Cuba.

"Lula me manifestó un deseo de visitar a Fidel... de eso hablamos...
de (la) salud de Fidel nosotros siempre estamos pendientes,
preocupados", dijo Chávez, de visita en Brasilia.

"Yo le pido a Dios que ayude a ese gran amigo, de todos estos
pueblos, de la dignidad de los pueblos de la América Latina y el
mundo", agregó el presidente venezolano durante su primera visita a
Brasil luego de haber sido reelecto el pasado domingo.

Chávez recordó que el mandatario cubano le envió una nota hace tres
días en la que lo felicitó por su triunfo electoral.

"Me puse a ver la firma, los trazos muy firmes, las informaciones que
tengo de Cuba indican que la recuperación continúa", agregó el
mandatario al hablar con los periodistas a las afueras del palacio de
gobierno en Brasilia, donde se reunió con Lula.

Chávez tiene previsto salir en la jornada rumbo a Argentina, la
segunda etapa de una gira por naciones del sur del continente.

Atheism is foundational to Marxism, because Marxism is a materialist
philosophy. We see not God or Jesus Christ behind the scenes of
history, but rather the economic driving forces of reproduction --
that is, the survival of the human race.
In Chávez's case, it should be taken as a sign of his limitations,
and could be a dangerous force as the contradictions in the
Bolivarian Revolution draw the process toward a definitive
confrontation with capital. But it shouldn't be overemphasized in our
understanding of Venezuela and Chávez.

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