[Marxism] re "Atheism is foundational to Marxism" (??)

Scott Hamilton shamresearch at yahoo.co.nz
Fri Dec 8 16:24:36 MST 2006

'Why do people argue about things which cannot be proven by any
empirical or scientific means?'
  Where to begin? Recently I argued with others here about whether Tolkien is a good writer or not. No empirical investigation can help settle that one, or most of the things people argue about, but this fact does not mean that such debates are frivolous. The scope of reason is not restricted to the spheres of science and philosophy. 
  'Religion can't be proven to be true or not'
  Many religious thinkers and leaders regularly make claims that are open to examination through empirical investigation or logic. Christian fundamentalists claim the world is around 6,000 years old, for instance. This is a knowledge-claim which can be falsified using data derived from the fossil record, amongst other things. Some religious leaders make predictions - of the end of the world, for instance - which can be falsified. Many theological claims can be examined logically, in the discourse of philosophy. The argument from the problem of evil seems to identify a fundamntal logical flaw in Christian doctrine. 
  You accuse Marxists of patronising religious folk, but most of these folk would feel patronised by somebody saying that they did not intend their beliefs to be scientific and logical. At least we argumentative atheists take them seriously.

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